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Pastrol Care

Dermot Dooley Chaplain De La Salle College

— Schools Spiritual Advisor and guide.
— Good rapport with staff and students.
— Liturgies working with RE team.
— Pastoral Care
— Establish links with the outer community.

As John Baptist de La Salle became aware, by God’s grace, of the human and spiritual distress of “the children of the artisans and the poor”, John Baptist de La Salle devoted himself to forming school masters totally dedicated to teaching and to Christian education. He brought these teachers together in a community and subsequently founded with them the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

“As a teacher in De La Salle College it’s important to see God in every child. It’s a challenge to bring those far from salvation into the presence of God” God loves each and every one of us and as educators we are to show our students through our words and actions that God loves us. He wants to be part of our lives so that we can be saved. Education is a means and a way of salvation. De La Salle saw this back in 1691 and began his quest to change a small part of the world. Little did he know that by 2011 he would have over 1 million students in over 80 countries around the world. I started in De La Salle College in 2000. I have seen many students who come and go. My message for them is that God forgives all, and as Chaplain I hope that students will know that I will be available in the college if the need advice or guidance. I pray for all in De La Salle that life will be kind to them, and if you experience difficult times on life’s’ journey God will always be waiting to answer your prayers”
St John Baptist de La Salle,

Pray for us,
Live Jesus in your hearts,

The primary role of the Chaplain is to be a faith presence in the school.

The Chaplain’s role spans three broad areas:
a) the spiritual and liturgical
b) the pastoral and
c) the area of community-building. Some of the ways in which this role finds expression are as follows:

The chaplain:
Sees to the provision of appropriate liturgical services and opportunities for prayer and reflection for the school community. These will include school Masses, whole school prayer services, class prayer services, reconciliation services etc. (c/f Liturgical calendar of the School.)
Is part of the School’s Pastoral Care Team
Contributes to the pastoral care of students and staff, offering a confidential service.
The chaplain is available to all students on a one-to-one basis either by prior appointment or in response to an unforeseen need.
Reaches out to connect with students who have a particular need of support. At times of bereavement, family crisis, illness etc the chaplain reaches out to the student (mindful of the delicacies involved).
Offers on-going support to vulnerable students.
Contributes to social awareness issues
Supports the Religious Education Department.
Is concerned with the articulation and implementation of the school’s ethos.
Contributes to policy-making where appropriate .