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Miss ODoherty s Art Class   recent work

Miss Flynns  art Class Recent  work


 De La Salle College Art Department






Why study Art ?

The Art Department in De La Salle is dedicated to the teaching & development of students through Art. The purpose and the function of teaching Art within the college is to develop pupils intellectually, personaly and socialy. We provide a vehicle where pupils can exprss their ideas, feelings & emotions. We also provide pupils with the necessary skills & techniques to produce images and artefacts. We also enable pupils to become visualy aware & respond to and assese thier environment.


Future Opportunities?

Art has many job opportunities. Every man-made object that you see or touch through out your day has at one point it it’s development been at the hands of a designer or artist. Fields of employment are varied and many, here is a short example, Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Design, Architecture, Web Design & Animation, Television, more craft based jobs include, Ceramics, Printing, Photography, Buying, design and retail of fashion. There is even the possibilty of Teaching!


Our Aims?

·         To Teach pupils how to become visualy literate and to understand aesthetics as a form of visual communicaion

·         We also aim to develop in pupils the confidence and competence to read and interprete historical artefacts and images

·         The Art Department aims to develop creative and technical skills so that ideas can be realised.

·         To develop pupils design capabilites and to teach the design process

·         To Encourage pupils to learn, observe and respond to the environment that they live in


The Art Department

The Art Department consist of two fully equiped dedicated art rooms. Each room is equiped with up to date computers, computer software, printers and scanners. We also have Ceramic killens in each room. We have an extensive Art resoucre library which is accessable to pupils. We also have a budget each year which enalbes us to provide the department with the necessary eqiupment and media needed for pupils to develop, create & experiement


The Art Course

The Art course is divided in to a Junior & Senior cycle.

Every year aspects of both Art, Craft & design are coverd by each year group, These inculde the following,

·         Drawing, development of skills & the teaching of techniques

·         Painting, colour therory & painting practise

·         Life Drawing, the study of the figure

·         Printing, including Lino printing, foam board & woodblock to name only a few

·         Ceramics, Constructing, Modeling & Carving. We also cover glazing & firing

·         Sculpture, development of the design process though 3D work

·         Graphic Design, The design process is applied to Posters, CD and book cover’s, Stamps and packaging. Typogarphy is also covered

·         Photography, There is a dark room facility & printing equipment in the department

·         Fashion & Textile studies, Includes sewing, fabirc priting, batik, applique & construction

·         History, This is an intergral part of the Art Department. Critical & contextual studies are a vital development in Art. Pupils cover the following topics

o        Irish Art, from pre stone age to modern day

o        European Art, from pre Renaissance to modern day

o        General Appreciation, In this section pupils cover areas which include public art, film studies, interior design and urban planning. We also take pupils on trips to Galleries in Waterford & Dublin.


Thank you for vsiting the Art Department, we would hope that your child will consider an education in the Art Depratment in De la Salle College and we look forawrd to seeing you in September.