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College Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM


5th Year Summer Exams 2019

   Mon May 27th 9.00 -11.30 Gaeilge
  12.40 – 15.10 Line 1 Subjects
Tue May 28th   9.00 -11.30 English
  12.40 – 15.10 Line 2 Subjects
Wed May 29th     9.00 -11.30 Maths
  12.40 -15.10 Line 3 Subjects
Thurs May 30th   9.00 -11.30 Line 4 Subjects

Line 1

Biology (Ms. Stack) French (Ms. Duggan) Geog. (Mr. O Doherty)
Applied Maths (Mr. O Brien) Const. Studies (Mr. Calnan) Accounting (Ms. Fogarty)
Economics (Ms. Walsh) Chemistry (Mr. Munroe) Home Ec. (Ms. Middleton)

Line 2

Geog. (Mr. Nevin) French (Ms. Maher) Biology (Ms. Butler Kelly)
Physics (Ms. Lyons) Business (Ms. White) Chemistry (Ms. McDonagh)
Art (Ms. O’Connor)


Line 3

History (Ms. Gaskin) Biology (Ms. Swan) Physics (Mr. Munroe)
Business (Mr. Ogle) Const. Studies (Mr. Campbell) German (Ms. Conway)
Home Ec. (Ms. Drohan) Music (Ms. Harrison)


Line 4

French (Ms. Duggan) History (Ms. Dunne) Ag. Science (Mr. Daly)
Biology (Mr. Cronin) Accounting (Mr. Healy) Economics (Mr. Hynes)
DCG (Mr. Brosnan) German (Ms. Conway)