De La Salle College Waterford

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Helping Your Child with Anxiety

The Psychology Department is giving a presentation aimed at parents of children and adolescents who experience challenges related to anxiety. 

The presentation will be approximately 90 minutes long.

Topics covered:

• What is anxiety and how does it affect my child?

• What are the contributors to anxiety?

• Practical tips and strategies for helping my child cope with anxiety.

• Resources for parents.

When: Friday 1st December at 10:30am

Where: The Conference Room, St John’s College, Respond, Waterford. (Please park

in Sacred Heart Church if possible. See over for directions.)

If you would like to register for a place at the presentation you can:

Text your name and address to 086 145 3629

Alternatively you can email your name, address and contact number to

[email protected]

We will contact you by text/email to confirm that you have a place for this

presentation. Alternatively, you will be informed that you are on the wait list for the following presentation. Please note, parents need to book individually.

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